What Makes a Bank Civilised: Q&A with CEO Gordon Dow (video)

What does being civilised mean, and what does it mean for a civilised bank?

What does it take to make a bank civilised?

In this video interview CivilisedBank CEO Gordon Dow answers these and further questions about into what might seem an unlikely pairing of concepts – a civilised bank.

Keep updated about our progress towards launching CivilisedBank.

Here’s a transcript of the video " What Makes a Bank Civilised: Q&A with CEO Gordon Dow.

How do you define being ‘civilised’?

‘Civilised’? Well, we’ve asked many people what they think civilised means to them and pretty much the answer always comes back the same which is to treat others how you expect to be treated yourself. And certainly from a staffing perspective [it’s] how we approach it and ultimately it’s the same [answer] that you get when you ask different people.

What is it that makes a bank civilised?

Well, civilisation as we know started a long long time ago and banking is not usually a word that you recognize with the word civilised. We’ve asked a lot of businesses what civilised would mean to them. And ultimately they fed back to us things like they don’t like necessarily the way there’s been interaction with them as a customer, and also perhaps the technology doesn’t always live up to what it promises.

So we’ve taken that feedback and our two key drivers are around bringing back traditional banking to look after the customer in that personal approach and also to make sure that we have the best technology that adds some speed and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Please expand on what the best of traditional banking is, and the best of technology.

Well, the traditional banking, it’s about personal service. It’s about going back to knowing the bank manager in the local town. And ultimately our local bankers will be that person to look after the business customers. And that we feel is a real asset.

And with regards to using the technology to provide that service: it’s cloud-based, it’s secure and ultimately will be able to support what the local banker does when he goes to see the customer at their place of work.

And how do relationship banking and technology fit together?

What’s really important is that relationship comes first, and technology backs that up. Not the other way around. Ultimately it will make the relationship even stronger if you have the right technology and the simplicity of it to share and show the customers when you see them.

So how is CivilisedBank different from other banks?

We want to make sure that our staff – our local bankers – go to see the customers at their place of work. That’s real one-to-one personal relationship.

Secondly is the fact that we want to treat customers the way that we’d like to be treated ourselves. That goes for customers and staff.

And thirdly is around the technology, and how the ease of that use can help both the staff and the presentation to customers, and also the way in which customers want to do their banking.

What made you personally decide to join CivilisedBank?

Well, I’ve been in banking 25 years and having the opportunity to start something fresh, with no baggage and being able to create the right culture that engages people and looks after people – both from a staff and a customer perspective – I just think that’s a fantastic opportunity.

And certainly the journey that we’re on and we started a number of months ago – we’re well on our way to creating that vision and it’s something that I really look forward to.

Phil Frappe
03 May 2017, 9:37am
Seems a great move in the banking sector
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